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Choose from 1, 2, or 5 years of protection for your vehicle with our Ceramic Coating services

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer applied to your car’s exterior, creating a durable, transparent layer that bonds with the paint. This advanced protection safeguards against UV rays, chemicals, and environmental contaminants, while providing a brilliant, glossy finish.

  • 1-Year Coating: Ideal for those seeking a cost-effective yet robust solution. It offers excellent protection and gloss, perfect for new car owners or those new to ceramic coatings. It’s an excellent choice for leased vehicles or as an introduction to ceramic protection.


  • 2-Year Coating: This alternative offers superior protection and improved hydrophobic qualities, making it a more durable choice. It’s suitable for daily drivers and those looking for a balance between cost and long-term benefits, ensuring your vehicle remains shiny and easier to clean.


  • 5-Year Coating: The ultimate in longevity and protection, this premium option is designed for car enthusiasts and those committed to long-term maintenance. It offers the highest level of durability, maximum gloss, and self-cleaning properties, significantly reducing the need for frequent detailing.


Each option involves thorough paint preparation, including decontamination and polishing, ensuring a smooth surface for optimal bonding. Choose the coating that best fits your needs and enjoy unmatched protection and shine with our expert Ceramic Coating services.


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