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Do you own a boat in California? If you love your boat then you will want to window tint your boat. Presidential in Fontana provides the best marine window tinting for boat owners all over California. 

Your boat’s interior is exposed to harmful UV rays when the sun shines brightly. Using our high-performing films can provide more comfort and protection for your boat, with increased color stability that keeps it looking fresh longer. 

Our window films cut down on potentially dangerous ultraviolet rays caused by the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation reminds you that time spent in the sun unprotected will put passengers at risk of cancer and sun damage, so in addition to sunscreen, boat window tinting blocks up to 99% UV-A/UV-B rays making it a reliable way to reduce your skin cancer risk.

As we live in a time where physical appearance is important to many, ultraviolet rays can cause skin aging and melanoma, which could be deadly. Boat window color cuts dangerous glare from the water or other boats’ lights at night.

Increase Privacy and Reduce Heat

Our customers deserve to have a high end look for their boat. By tinting the windows of your boat, it gives it that polished and finished feel. Not only does window tinting give you this effect but another reason why people should do so is because it reduces glare while on the lake making long hours spent out there more comfortable and easier on everyone’s eyes! Ask about our best direct sunlight options when coming in to get yours done today

Our customers want quality work completed without hassle or frustration Our output tone can be professional but happy The main reasons behind customer satisfaction are having reduced glare during activities such as fishing which makes time outside very pleasant instead of uneasy It also helps with eye strain from being directly exposed to sun rays all-day.

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Benefits of Boat Window Tinting


Fuel efficiency is important to saving money. If your interior remains cooler, then you use less fuel for managing temperatures which equate to fewer trips back to shore and major savings.


Keep your guests safe and secure with tinted windows. Tinting the windows for larger boats allows it to block out any unwanted onlookers, especially during nighttime when they can’t see in but you still won’t be able to see outside if there is insufficient light on the inside of your boat.

Sun Damage Protection

The sun can cause many eye diseases, such as cataracts or skin cancer. This is why it’s important to wear sunglasses and sunscreen when you are outside for an extended period of time.


When you’re out in the sun, protect your skin and electronics. Your equipment will last longer if it’s not exposed to a lot of heat or direct sunlight — which can cause fading on fabrics too!

Glare Control

The glare from the sun and reflected light can make it difficult to see water at any time of day, increasing your chances of an accident. Getting window tinting is a solution that will allow you to safely be on or around boats during bright days with little risk for accidents due to limited visibility. Window tinting also helps reduce overall sunlight in order for users to more easily view other boaters reducing chance encounters with obstructions that could lead into unfortunate situations.


Boat and Marine Window Tinting Fontana, CA

When it comes to tinting the windows yourself, keep in mind that not all films can withstand salt exposure. Even when professionally installed, some films may separate and peel off your window while on the water leading to dangerous visibility issues. Get in touch with our window tinting specialist today!

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