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If you want to reduce the costs of your commercial properties, consider getting commercial window tinting. According to one study by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE), Overall energy savings attributed solely due to solar control for heating and cooling were found…to be 33%.

This means that 1/3rd or more than a third if not 75 percent can’t afford it because they are not efficient with large windows in their buildings which causes too much sunlight streaming through them resulting in high temperatures when its hot outside but also reduces temperature dramatically once outside is no longer bright enough then inside becomes cold again as well during sunset time this would cost money on both ends trying to keep building at comfortable temperatures. For a free consultation, visit our tint shop in Fontana today!

Energy-saving window film vs. window replacement

Tenant complaints are often a sign that your building windows need attention. New windows don’t always address heat or glare, and energy-saving window film can fix leaks or moisture issues better than new replacement windows as well as make tenants more comfortable in the long run.

When making decisions about replacing old commercial buildings’ aging glass with either brand new panes of glass or installing energy saving window films on existing ones to cut down costs without losing views, it’s important to first identify what is causing tenant discomfort before you dive into choosing between one solution over another. 

If your building’s windows are structurally sound and in good condition, window film can help address several common concerns associated with commercial buildings. Windows may be leaking air or moisture, have failed seals, or damaged frames (or not be structurally sound). If they do any of these things however then installing the right kind of window films won’t solve those issues so you should check for problems first before considering it as an option to fix complaints about a specific issue with the windows themselves.

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Increase employee comfort and productivity and save on energy costs with our commercial window film.

In an increasingly hot and cold climate, window film acts as a barrier to reduce the fluctuations. Because of this, it’s beneficial for tenants by providing greater comfort in their building environment. It also works to attract premium renters who are more likely looking out for green upgrades that can prove energy savings with less cost than replacement windows would require. When considering costs compared against each other, remember that newer technologies create films which include efficient qualities at much lower prices than what you’d spend replacing old windows entirely. The benefits work towards reducing HVAC loads too!

Get UV Protection for your commercial building

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The invisible danger of UV rays can fade furniture, wall coverings, artwork and flooring in commercial buildings. Even the interior displays on cars are vulnerable! UVA exposure is cumulative so occupants should seek protection wherever they go with window film that blocks more than 99% of harmful UV Rays. Since most people spend a large portion of their time indoors at work or home it makes sense to protect these spaces from damaging effects like fading walls and deteriorating fabrics. Window film is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program for commercial properties. It reduces solar heat gain, which may lower cooling costs. Window films help keep radiant heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer while offering year-round HVAC savings.

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