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Presidential specializes in window tinting services for RVs and motorhomes. We offer a variety of services to help you achieve the perfect amount of privacy, block out harmful UV rays, reduce heat gain or glare from your vehicle’s windows.

Driving is already pretty dangerous, so do anything you can to protect yourself and your family. Our window tinting films will help reduce the glare from bright headlights and taillights of other vehicles on the road in order for everyone driving or riding inside our RVs or motorhomes to stay safe while they’re out exploring! Tinting also makes sure that we don’t have any more damage done to our leathers by harmful UV rays coming from the sun.

If you own an RV and would like to get it tinted with the best window tint for your vehicle, call Presidential. Our technicians will provide a custom quote based on their assessment of your vehicle so that we can give you affordable prices without compromising quality or service. We’re available by phone at (951) 255-5962 if you have any questions, you can also visit our nearby tint shop in Fontana, CA!

Increase Privacy and Reduce Heat

Tinting your RV windows can help you combat the greenhouse-like effects of desert travel. If no tint is already installed, then it’s a good idea to install some before taking off for any long trips through areas like Littlerock or Yucca Valley because those states typically have extreme heat and sun exposure that could cause problems with inside temperatures rising too high. Avoid traveling at sunset as much as possible since this will only make things worse by putting you in direct sunlight during your drive time until nightfall which makes having tinted glass even more important so not all light coming into the vehicle goes straight towards heating up the interior components such as seats and floors which would be especially bad if they are made out of fabric instead of hard plastic material on them!


RV window tinting in san Bernardino county

Benefits of RV or Camper Window Tinting


Window film can block up to 70% of the infrared heat that comes through glass windows. RVers will see this result in better gas mileage since air conditioners eat up fuel at a fast rate. In cold conditions, window film slows down heat loss through the exposed glass which leads to savings on propane and/or electricity


Tinting your windows will not only shield you from the prying eyes of strangers, it also protects against potential thieves. Whether at home or on the road, tinted windows provide security and privacy to ensure that no one can take a peek into your RV or Camper interior.

One of the top reasons to tint your windows is for safety measures as well as protecting belongings when parked in public places such as an empty parking lot away from home. It doesn’t matter if you are “at home” because tints help prevent people who could be criminals by keeping them out so they cannot see what’s inside due to its thick material which makes it hard for glass breaking effects usually used during robberies

Sun Damage Protection

Window film can protect both you and your RV by blocking up to 99 percent of harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause skin cancer, wrinkles, and accelerate the sun’s fading effects on interior materials. Tinted windows are especially important if you have leather – or leatherette – upholstery as UV light has a similar effect on interiors causing them to fade crack and warp in short order. Some films offer ultraviolet protection equivalent SPF 285 keeping passengers looking good for years without expensive replacement work done at dealerships!


If one were to have a car accident or if their window is broken by an assailant, the tinted film will hold all of the glass shards together and keep you safe from harm. This makes clean-up significantly easier as well since there are not large pieces everywhere that need to be collected.

Glare Control

Driving in the sun can be dangerous, as you could almost completely lose sight of your surroundings. Luckily federal regulations allow a small section on top of windshields to have tinted windows for better protection from those harmful rays and some states even permit it too. A more universal solution is applying one of the new clear ceramic films that virtually eliminates glare by up to 96% while protecting against UV and solar heatwaves too!


RV and Motorhome Window Tinting Fontana, CA

While there are no Federal regulations specifically concerning window tinting on RVs, the general regulations for motor vehicles apply. These require that a driver’s forward field of vision–defined as their windshield and side windows-must allow 70 percent or more visible light to get through (a minimum VLT70), improving a driver’s ability to see clearly. If your windshield already has factory tint applied, have it checked before applying new film so you don’t violate any standards!

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