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Step or 2-Step Paint Correction

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Ceramic Coating, with either 1 or 2-step Paint Correction, is a great way to revitalize and protect your car.

The sophisticated detailing procedure not only protects your vehicle from damage but also improves its visual appeal. Repairing surface flaws like swirls, scratches, and oxidation is what paint repair is all about. It brings back the shine of your car.

1-Step Paint Correction involves a single pass with a fine polishing compound to eliminate light imperfections such as minor scratches, swirls, and oxidation. This method is ideal for newer or well-maintained vehicles, offering a quick enhancement to the paint’s clarity and gloss.

2-Step Paint Correction is a more intensive process. It begins with a cutting compound to remove deeper scratches and more significant paint defects. A polishing compound is then used to further smooth the surface until it resembles a mirror. This method works wonderfully on older cars or those with considerable surface imperfections.

Once corrected, we apply a high-quality ceramic coating, forming a durable, transparent layer that bonds with the paint. The coating not only gives the surface an attractive glossy sheen, but it also offers excellent protection from chemicals, environmental pollutants, and ultraviolet light. Its water- and dirt-repellent properties also make maintenance a breeze. Through our professional ceramic coating treatment, you will get a showroom-quality shine and durability.

Step or 2-Step Paint Correction

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